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    首页 > 技术 > 双色注塑模具(牙刷)



    Two-color injection mold

    1. 模具大致规格:50*650*500。
    2. 产品只数:8+8或12+12,成型周期40秒以内。
    3. 中心轴或转盘式旋转双色模。
    1. General specification of mold: 50*650*500.
    2. Product quantity: 8+8 or 12+12, molding cycle less than 40 seconds.
    3. Two-color injection mold with center shaft or rotary disc type.

    8 drop double color toothbrush needle valve hot runner system

    1. 气缸小而不影响力度,排位间距可做到32.00mm。
    2. 系统恒温控制,软硬胶粘合性好。
    3. 严格的流道计算,纳米刷头不分解。
    4. 流道平衡,系统出胶均匀,产品稳定。
    5. 镶件式流道衔接,无死角快速换色。
    1. Small Cylidner with enough power,Min  distance can be 32mm.
    2. Stable system control to make resin combined well.
    3. Accurate flowing rate,Brush head not decomposed.
    4. Flowing balance and each part difference rate less than 3%.
    5. Insert technology,no dead corner and easy color change.

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