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    * 白色产品:无黄纹,无黑纹,无混色。
    * 透明高光产品:无银丝,无气纹,无太阳纹。
    * 高玻纤产品:耐磨损,耐腐蚀,不卡针,使用寿命更长。
    * 防火材料产品:不碳化,不烧胶,有效控制材料碳化造成的产品外观问题。

    The advantage of Baozee hot runner Technical standard :
    Baozee always specialized in high precision hot runner system research& development  and focus on customers different requirements and provide complete & profound solutions:
    The professional heating solfware with a scientific thermal analysis ,  Using oversea famous heating elements to match with high precision temperature controller to detect every slight variation of nozzles& manifold’s temperature.
    The Optimized design for every cases and with high precise machining process.

    * Special for white resin application :  no yellow & black drop, no sunny halo.
    * High transparent products : No steamed rolls, no gas lines, no sunny halo.
    * Engineering resin with High Glass fiber application : high performance of tearing, corrosion resistance, Valve pins moving smooth and in long life
    * Fire-proof material : No carbonization, no burning,  Excellent cosmetic.
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